Mobile Workroom for disadvantaged adolescents


The project provides an original approach to combat increasing youth unemployment for underprivileged adolescents and the lack of apprentices in skilled trades. The proposal is targeted towards technological and social innovations: We have converted a semi-trailer into a spectacular learning and meeting space. It was designed to generate curiosity and establishes contacts between adolescents and companies. As a “mobile chance”, it provides opportunity for positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged adolescents.

The interior design encourages curiosity and participation. The workshop provides several small mobile work benches (workboxes), allowing young people to explore up to 25 different skilled trades hands-on and without gender stereotypes. Job-related tools and work materials (e.g. wood and metal) are provided for this purpose. Since the workboxes are mobile, working outside is also possible. The workshop is a “maker space” and enables modern and up-to-date experimentation with digitalised tools. The kitchen and bar area form the communicative meeting space. The separate lounge area serves as a secluded place for one-on-one talks. An integrated elevator ensures accessibility. The interior can be used flexibly for workshops and educational events, e.g. concerning the topics of career orientation, creative techniques, self- and job-competence.



It was a special honor to present the project in the Austrian Parliament. Please feel free to watch the video:


Chance B GruppeThe project is a work group between Regionalentwicklungsagentur Oststeirisches Kernland and Chance B Group, co-financed by LEADER-Regions Almenland & Energieregion Weiz-Gleisdorf, Kraftspendedörfer Joglland and Thermenland-Wechselland.


tl_files/weseo-3/plupload/yearmonth/2021/03/sinnbildstiftung.pngThe project is supported by Sinnbildungsstiftung.